CPAG Projects

Honor Boricua, 1992

Honoring Humboldt Park’s predominantly Puertorriqueño heritage (Boriquen is the island’s original Arawak Indian name), this mural depicts the Puerto Rican flag flying from the island, across the… More


Hyde Park Viaduct Panels, 2008, 2024, Restoration

Originally created in 2008, the 53rd & 55th St viaduct panels in Hyde Park showcase artwork by Margaret Burroughs, Terry Evans, John Himmelfarb, and Calvin Jones. There… More


Incomplete Metamorphosis, 2015

Incomplete Metamorphosis is a mixed media mosaic utilizing hand-made porcelain tile, ceramic tile, photo-transfer tiles, and sheet glass installed on the kick plates of a two-tiered seating… More


Indian Land Dancing, 2009

Created in 2009 on the north and south walls of the Foster Street underpass at Lake Shore Drive, Indian Land Dancing is an exceptional example of community-based… More


Kites, 2016

In 2016, Mirtes Zwierzynski created Kites on an exterior wall of Daniel Webster Elementary school with the assistance of around 195 students, grades 3-8. The mural is… More


Knowledge Is Power, 2018

Knowledge is Power, created by Amanda Murdovich, is the third piece of permanent public art created at Harlan Community Academy. In the winter of 2018, Murdovich and… More


Labor of Love, 1987

In 1987, volunteers from the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union were involved in the design process of the mural as well as its execution. Artists Nina… More


Life Cycle: Day + Night, 2023

In 2022, Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist Gloria Talamantes (Talamantes) created the mural entitled, Life Cycle: Day + Night. The concept was based on Talamantes’ personal experiences of the… More


Mandalas, 2016

In 2016, Artist Julia Sowles-Barlow created a series of mandalas with the help of Westinghouse Prep students and teachers, and Assistant Artist Bryant Jones. The mural is… More


MLK Living Memorial, 2018

In August 1966, Martin Luther King, Jr. was joined by a diverse group of civil rights activists, religious leaders and concerned citizens for a march through Chicago’s… More