CPAG Projects

Epic of the Rising Phoenix, 2010

Epic of the Rising Phoenix is an 8×10 spray paint and acrylic project developed on canvas in the Day Reporting Division of the Cook County Jail in… More


Cycles de Amor, 2021

Funded by Blue Door Neighborhood Center, South Lawndale. This tender image celebrates the circle of love between a mother and her child. Food is a bridge that builds… More


Dance of the Lightning Bugs, 2018

The Dance of the Lightning Bugs is a 100-foot by 30-foot mural installed on an outside wall at the ComEd Tech Center in Maywood, Illinois. The piece… More


Dragon Wall, 2002

Consisting of 61 aluminum panels, Dragon Wall measures approximately 14×16 feet. The panels are painted with acrylic and boast a set of 49 painted symbols that reflect… More


Entryway, Dragonfly, Butterfly, and Bumblebee (Margate Park Playground), 2004

Since 2004, a swarm of stainless steel butterflies has served as a swirling entry archway greeting playground visitors to Margate Park. This is Entryway, one of four… More


For a New World (Para un Mundo Nuevo), 1973, 1996

For a New World, or, Para un Mundo Nuevo was created by CPAG co-founder John Pitman Weber and Oscar Martinez in 1973. The mural was the result… More


From Contemplation to Pride, 2009

In 2009, Carolyn Elaine created this three-panel tile mosaic on the side of Reavis Elementary School. Students from Reavis helped Elaine in researching influential African American women… More


Graduates Over Guns, 2016

Graduates over Guns was created in 2016 as a collaborative project between artist Rahmaan Statik and students from Excel Academy of Englewood. Students wanted the mural to… More


The History of the Packinghouse Worker, Restored 2021, Restoration

Recipients of the 2021 Abbey Mural Prize. Funded by National Academy of Design / Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting, National Endowment of the… More