Chicago Public Art Group is an internationally recognized coalition of professional artists working to produce public artwork with community involvement.

For the past half-century, CPAG has created nearly 1,000 projects including murals, sculptures, earthworks, playgrounds, and mosaics, throughout Chicago and beyond.

Our work is rooted in these principles: Everyone deserves to experience great art. Every community should have a voice. Art-making and public art encourage community investment.

“The walls are a microphone for so many invisible communities.  The murals provided us with the opportunity to tell stories from the point of view of the residents as well as the creators of the artwork.” Cynthia Weiss, CPAG artist

What Makes CPAG Unique

CPAG supports artists and community volunteers with the operational and administrative support that they need to make public art happen.

We work with the community to ensure that each piece speaks with the voice of that community. Our organization exists on the premise that public art is not just for the few or the privileged. Our work is created for and belongs to, everyone.

“From the beginning, we went to great pains to have diverse group of artists including African-American, Japanese, Asian, Turkish, Filipino, Latin American and women.” — Jeff Huebner, art historian