CPAG Projects

Modern Warriors, 2021

Funded by The McCain Institute. Special thanks to the students from Instituto Health and Science Academy. Dedicated to creating a dialogue for the youth in our communities about… More


Mount Greenwood Musical Playground, 2008

The Mt. Greenwood Sound Sculptures are the creation of sculptor James Brenner with the acoustical design of collaborator Jake Worley-Hood. These site-specific sound sculptures integrate the overall… More


Nesewin–How to Breathe Underwater, 2020

Nesewin: How to Breathe Under Water, references Native Americans’ struggles for survival and visibility, as well as the struggle of the natural environment to adapt to climate… More


Our Strength is Our Community, PrimeCare Health Mural, 2020

Our Strength is Our Community is a vibrant 20 x 60-foot mural depicting residents of the Belmont Cragin neighborhood. Soliciting passersby to participate in a photo-shoot enabled… More


Parkside Community Mural, 2017

Artists Mirtes Zwierzynski and Ruben Aguirre’s design of Parkside Community Mural, which combines spray paint and venetian tiles, is inspired by natural shapes and elements; flowers, the… More


Peace by Piece, 1998

This courtyard installation is one of several mosaics created by John Pitman Weber and Nina Smoot-Cain at the Beth-Anne Life Center. In this installation, youths from the… More


Perez School, 2016

In 2016, Artists Andy Bellomo, Rahmaan Statik and Assistant Artist Anna Murphy created a text-based mural about the life and values of Medal of Honor Awardee Manuel… More


Pokto Cinto (Serpent Twin), 2019

This effigy mound, made of earth and indigenous grass, is part of 4000N, an interpretive trail that is a collaboration between CPAG, the American Indian Center, and… More


Prevent WW III / Fallen Dictator, 1980, 2016, Restoration

Originally painted in 1980 on the corner of 18th Street and the Western train viaduct by Mark Rogovin, Marcos Raya, Roman Villareal, Gamaliel Ramirez, Jose Guerrero, Aurelio… More


The Right to the Shoreline, 2021

Funded by the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. Created in collaboration with the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, this artwork explores issues that are raised in, “The Right… More