Epic of the Rising Phoenix

Epic of the Rising Phoenix is an 8×10 spray paint and acrylic project developed on canvas in the Day Reporting Division of the Cook County Jail in 2010. It brings light, vibrant color, and commentary to the facility. 

The Cook County Day Reporting Center (DRC) is a one-of-a-kind supervision program that provides services and direction for pre-trial, non-violent offenders. This community-based corrections program requires offenders to report to the center for daily sessions in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, violence prevention training, literacy, GED courses, and job skills training.

Rahmaan Statik worked with participants of the DRC program over eight sessions to create an inspirational, positive spray-painted mural for the entrance of the center. Participants developed pastel drawings over the sessions, and together with Barnes and the staff of the Day Reporting Center, chose which drawings to include in the final design. These drawings were collaged in the yellow ring and finished with spray paint.

Funded by: Cook County Day Reporting Center.



Cook County Day Reporting Center 3026 South California Ave. Chicago