Supreme Mathematics, Friends Health Center

Supreme Mathematics is a impressively large 30 ft x 120 ft painted mural wrapping around the building of the recently constructed Friends Health Center in Woodlawn.

The mural consists of a collaged mathematic, scientific, and medical illustration, including images of a periodic table, DNA strands, atomic structures, blood cells, binary code, the tree of life and cosmic clouds. Across this scientific landscape, you will find carefully chosen figures intended to represent different aspects of the community. On either side of the image, Pamon and Missaqua are painted in a bright, graphic yellow and blue, representing the enlightened elders in the community. The mother and son that creatively blends into the cosmic symbolism represents a modern-day Madonna and child. To the right of these figures, Africa Porter, another member in the community is holding a book titled Esther Godel Bach with a woman emerging from the pages, all symbolizing the power of information and turning thought into physical form. In the center of the image stands the artist, Rahmaan Static, pointing towards the street and representing visual arts leading a cultural revolution. The mural is completed with a young boy cradling a flower at the far right of the mural, showing the power of youth interacting with agriculture.

Leading up to the entrance of the Friends Health Center are additional works of art created by Damon Lamar Reed and Pugs Atomz. Their collaboration consisted of a series of brightly colored mosaic planters depicting keywords and imagery symbolizing the importance of knowledge and strength in the community.


6250 S. Cottage Grove Ave.