Damon Lamar Reed


Where there is No Vision, There is no Hope - George Washington Carver

Rocky, August Rush, and Singing in the Rain; all great films. Some laced with drama, some with comedy, but all inspire.  Damon aims to make art with the depth of those classic films. It is important that work Damon does tells a story, and he equates each piece to an inspirational drama.  It has been his goal to display the Aesthetic Attributes in  his work to create change.  He loves to uplift communities, using his platform to defy stereotypes.  He often does things such as feature the black man as father, leader or mentor or display the strength and resilience of marginalized people.

Without the illustrious dance sequences, Singing in the Rain wouldn’t be the masterpiece it is. The same is true for Damon’s art. While the message may be key, there is no art without beauty. This is the most important element in an art piece. He draws the viewer in with bold color schemes and interesting compositions. And even basic images always contain deeper revealed meaning. The issues of everyday life provide more than enough ammunition to inspire. Look around, much of society has lost hope and don’t think their dreams can be realized. Damon respectfully disagrees.  This is why public art is so powerful.