Roman Villarreal


Roman Villarreal

Roman Villarreal captures the spirit of South Chicago in his art, reflecting the people, places and life experiences of his community. The artist’s first major retrospective, Intuit’s… More

Alfonso Piloto Nieves-Ruiz

Alfonso “Piloto” Nieves-Ruiz is a self-taught artist who was born in Querétaro, México. Piloto moved to Chicago at the age of 21. Although he made art throughout… More

Joe “Cujodah” Nelson

With a multi-disciplinary approach and unique vision, his works are of various mediums and surfaces. From large outdoor murals, to small figurines — anything’s game. Joe believes… More

Pugs Atomz

Pugs Atomz’s art and music has been featured in TV Shows, movies, commercials, sporting events and video games. He has been able to tour the world performing… More

Cristian Roldan

Cristian Roldán is a Puerto Rican Artist/Muralist who earned a Master in Arts Education from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, and a BA in… More

Anna Murphy

  Originally from England Anna Murphy is a Chicago based artist, with a professional studio in the Pilsen neighborhood. She balances her time between fine art/gallery work, outdoor… More

Czr Prz

Czr Prz is an urban contemporary artist working in sculptural fabrication, large-scale aerosol murals, and all manner of design. Born and raised in working class Chicago, Prz’s… More

Gloria “GLOE” Talamantes

Gloria “Gloe” Talamantes is a Mexican American graffiti artist, writer, educator, and cultural worker from Chicago. With more than 20 years of experience in the arts, Gloe… More

Gabriel Villa

My work addresses issues related to class and Mexican American culture, however my creative practice is centered around a lifelong fascination with the human condition. Through the transformation of… More