Cristian Roldan


The genesis of my creative process is ‘discomfort.’

Cristian Roldán is a Puerto Rican Artist/Muralist who earned a Master in Arts Education from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, and a BA in Sociology from Universidad de Puerto Rico.

“The genesis of my creative process is ‘discomfort.’  Inspiration emerges by questioning the status quo and imagining an alternative reality.  My work speaks to the desire to order and reconstruct the interior and the exterior, to reveal society as a social construct constantly changing, and to the collective memory. Once the narrative and idea arrive, the creation becomes a problem in constant evolution with each trace, brushstroke, and layer over layer of paint. The images start mutating like the ideas. First is a blank surface, and later is a doodle. Then, after a while, the piece begins getting shape, little by little. It’s then that I leave everything and rework it the next day.”