Arc of Nature

In 2010, Arc of Nature, located at the Bartlett Ravine near Fort Sheridan, was completed by artists Augustina Droze and Ginny Sykes with the assistance of Jim Brenner, Elke Claus, Julia Sowles-Barlow, Kelley Leung, and Joann Li. The 32-foot high and 50-foot wide mural is composed of painted non-woven media, glass mosaic tile, and aluminum. It serves as a gateway to the ravine walk.

The goal of the mural is to evoke a poetic experience of nature rather than a didactic one. Because of the mural’s location and huge scale, it can be first seen from a distance of several hundred feet away. It evokes a sense of calm and relaxation that harmonizes with the pristine natural surroundings. As one walks closer, the elements slowly come into view, including the enlarged plants and insects at the bottom of the mural. The tile elements shine in the light and are especially beautiful at sundown. There are many visual surprises and connections to be made if time is spent with the work.

The design process began in February 2009, and installation was completed in late July 2010. Volunteers were recruited to help in the installation process with the help of the Highland Park Art Center, the Highland Park Art Commission, and Lake Forest High School. These three agencies helped publicize the event and encouraged community members to assist our artists with the labor-intensive installation.


Bartlett Ravine in the Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve
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