Carlos “Dzine” Rolón


Born in Chicago to a Puerto-Rican family, artist Carlos Rolón addresses questions of inclusion, aspiration and cultural identity in his art. Connecting to childhood memories and the ways in which different house­ holds adapt to new American middle-class lifestyles, Rolón employs a wide range of media and imagery to explore themes of craft, ritual, beauty, spirituality and identity. Color, texture, patterns and items brought into the home create a sense of longing, a “blue-collar baroque,” from which Rolón draws inspiration. He channels these vantage points into a hybrid language of exuberant flora paintings, sculpture, social practice and site-specific installa­ tions that offer rich symbolism and oppor­ tunities for self-reflection, bridging the divide between public and private. Rolón exhibits internationally, with recent exhibits at the New Orleans Museum of Art; the Cummer Museum (Jacksonville, FL); the Abroms-Engel Institute for the Visual Arts (University of Alabama at Birmingham); and the FLAG Art Foundation (New York).