Supreme Mathematics, Friends Health Center

Supreme Mathematics, Friends Health Center

Supreme Mathematics is a impressively large 30 ft x 120 ft painted mural wrapping around the building of the recently constructed Friends Health Center in Woodlawn. The mural… More

History of the Packinghouse Worker

Recipients of the 2021 Abbey Mural Prize. Funded by National Academy of Design / Edwin Austin Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural Painting, National Endowment of the Arts,… More

Modern Warriors

Funded by The McCain Institute. Special thanks to the students from Instituto Health and Science Academy. Dedicated to creating a dialogue for the youth in our communities about… More

Cycles de Amor

Funded by Neighborhood Blue Door, South Lawndale. This tender image celebrates the circle of love between a mother and her child. Food is a bridge that builds that… More

Right to the Shoreline

Funded by the Chicago Council of Global Affairs. Created in collaboration with the Chicago Council of Global Affairs, this artwork explores issues that are raised in, “The Right… More

Vessels: City, Sun, and Earth

Funded by Neighborhood Blue Door, South Lawndale. These images reflect the balance between mind, body, and spirit. They are a reminder that we are interconnected beings who thrive when… More


Funded by Catan Studio. With the goal of giving back to Chicago communities, Catan Studio, a global boardgame company, commissioned this mural for Albany Park, a neighborhood that represents… More

Chicago “Summer”

Funded by Showtime. “Chicago Summer” reminds us of what we love about the city. Summer days are vibrant with festivals across every neighborhood. Multiple cultural events and an exciting… More

Community Windows

Funded by Logistics Property Group and Ellen Rutt. Nine artists created public art works that illuminate timely issues and themes from the heart or the past year. Topics… More


Funded by Neighborhood Blue Door, South Lawndale. Transcendence emphasizes the powerful practices of meditation and mindfulness for healing both the body and the spirit. Tranquility can be found in… More