Cristian Roldan


The genesis of my creative process is ‘discomfort.’

Cristian Roldan

Cristian Roldán is a Puerto Rican Artist/Muralist who earned a Master in Arts Education from the School of the Arts Institute of Chicago, and a BA in… More

Gloria “GLOE” Talamantes

Gloria “Gloe” Talamantes is a Mexican American graffiti artist, writer, educator, and cultural worker from Chicago. With more than 20 years of experience in the arts, Gloe… More

Dorian Sylvain

Dorian Sylvain is a painter whose color and texture explore ornamentation, pattern and design as identifiers of cultural and historical foundations. She is a studio painter and… More

Marcos Raya

Fragments of a ceremonial circumscribed space are evident in the works of Raya through an extension of his 0wn personal space. Breaking boundaries, his Frontera is filled… More

Nina Smoot-Cain

Nina Smoot-Cain was a master mosaic artist who collaborated with a variety of artists and created many public artworks across the city of Chicago. Nina utilized her… More


The trajectory of my practice is an exploration of the human interface between our built environment, technology, history, futurity, our own self-relevance, and how we navigate this… More

Max Sansing

Born and raised on the South Side by two artistic parents, Sansing discovered his passion and creative gift at an early age. During his youth he was… More

Rahmaan Statik

Doctors save lives, police fight crime, and the artist dictates what we know as Image, Icon, and Form. I live a lifestyle of observation and creation. I… More