Mitchell Caton


Mitchell Caton

Mitchell Caton was a prominent public mural maker in the 1970s-1990s, creating many mural collaborations with Calvin Jones. Caton created all of his work in the context… More

Sandra Antongiorgi

As a studio artist, I draw upon life experiences, power relationships, culture, boundaries, mysticism and spirituality. I explore the way in which social stigmatization is internalized, inhibiting… More

James Brenner

My work ranges from large-scale, interactive steel sculptures, to collaborative, public art projects, to synergistic iron casting events. Integral to their surrounding physical and social environments, my sculptures… More

Andy Bellomo

  I strive to create work that means something to me and to my community. I’m interested in paying attention to the work being done in my community and highlighting… More

Derric Clemmons

I am a Chicago native artist working in canvas, paper, wood, steel, and found objects. These mediums have allowed me to develop unique abstract forms and painting… More

Hector Duarte

Hector Duarte has worked as an artist and muralist in Chicago for over three decades. He has painted more than 50 murals in the Chicago area; his… More

Miguel A. Del Real

Artist Miguel A. Del Real is a Chicago native who produces intricate artwork with vibrant accents and original designs influenced by calligraphy and indigenous patterns.  His signature… More