Weaving Cultures

Chicago Public Art Group commissioned local artists, Sam Kirk and Sandra Antongiorgi, to develop a new mural that presented a female version as an extension of the iconic “Galeria del Barrio” mural completed by Aurelio Diaz in 1976. Kirk restored the “Galeria del Barrio” mural in May of 2016 and began working on the new mural with Sandra Antongiorgi in July 2016. “Weaving Cultures” titled by Kirk and Antongiorgi, celebrates underrepresented women, including a transgender Latina. According to Kirk, “As an extension of the ‘Galeria de Barrio’ its similarities lie in the direction of the faces, and the emotion provoked from each. Instead of showing a process of anger, we decided to show a process of focus, determination, and future perspective – Individual Evolution.”

Located at the intersection of 16th Street and Blue Island, the mural measures 15ft x 40ft and has been completed using mostly Golden Acrylic Paint and Montana Spray Paint.



16th Street and Blue Island, Pilsen, Chicago, IL