Trust Is Our Foundation: Near North Health

In 2023, Chicago-based interdisciplinary artist Damon Lamar Reed created the mural entitled, Trust Is Our Foundation. Near North Health wanted to create a community mural in celebration of Men’s Health Month. A community paint day was held on Juneteenth for Near North staff, Meridian staff, and community volunteers. The mural is located on the south exterior wall at the Komed Holman Health Center. The mural measures 46 feet long by 9 feet tall.

The mural highlights 3 sets of people. The first is a man embracing his pregnant partner. The next displays a man with his daughter. The third image shows an older couple embracing. Reed’s concept was the show an evolution of living a long happy life. From left to right: there are 2 fists pounding as a symbol of unity. There is a woman writing her husband’s appointment reminder in her journal. Next is a bag of fruits and vegetables and a female doctor speaking to a female patient. Moving to the right is an arm getting is blood pressure taken. Then there is a smiley face which represents low pain on the pain chart. Next there is a band-aid shaped like a heart to symbolize healing. The last image on the mural is a silhouette of a man’s head with puzzle pieces in it. This symbolizes the importance of a man’s mental health. The over color scheme has a blue and yellow undertone representing the colors of near north while also containing a bright but limited color palette. 

Lead Artist: Damon Lamar Reed
Assistant Artist: Sterling ‘Pugs Atomz’ Price & Vel Kalum
Near North staff, Meridian staff, and community volunteers

Komed Holman Health Center
4259 S Berkeley Ave, Chicago, IL 60653


4259 S Berkeley Ave, Chicago, IL 60653
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