Seedpods to Snowflakes

Seedpods to Snowflakes, by Artist Julia Sowles-Barlow, is a mixed media mosaic on an interior wall of the William E Urschel Pavilion in Valparaiso, Indiana, which houses an ice skating rink in the winter and is available for rental in the warmer months. Reflecting the seasonally changing activities of the pavilion, the mural depicts imagery of spring and summer on its left side and imagery of fall and winter on its right. Connecting the two sides are mirror and clay leaves of varying colors, seedpods, and snowflakes that move across the wall like a sparkling and swirling wind. 

At the center of the spring and summer side is an 8-foot long glass dragonfly alighting upon a 9-foot wide fiberglass and sculpted 3-Dimensional coneflower. Surrounding these central elements are three smaller coneflowers with petals of porcelain clay and centers of cut venetian glass and three dandelions, one of which has seed pods blowing off into the air. 

On the right side of the piece is a 9-foot tall snowflake made of porcelain clay with mirror edging and a mirror center. Spiraling around the large snowflake are small clay snowflakes, leaves and larger venetian glass and clay leaves, all in oranges, reds, and browns. 

The piece is a feast of textures. It is designed to be seen at a great distance, as well as experienced close up through sight and touch. 



William E Urschel Pavilion, 63 Lafayette St, Valparaiso, IN 46383
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