CPAG Artists

Tracy Van Duinen

I have been working as an artist/educator in the Chicago Public Schools for eight years. The work that I have produced during this time has been in… More


Gabriel Villa

My work addresses issues related to class and Mexican American culture, however my creative practice is centered around a lifelong fascination with the human condition. Through the transformation of… More


William “Bill” Walker

William “Bill” Walker, was a  pioneering and influential muralist, artist, and humanitarian, and co-founder of the Chicago Mural Group, later known as Chicago Public Art Group.   Walker was… More


John Pitman Weber

Co-Founder of CPAG, over 40 public pieces in five countries, murals and sculpture.  Also widely exhibited painting and printmaking. Documenter, writer on public art as well. The Chicago… More


Cynthia Weiss

In my studio practice and public art making, I create work that builds a narrative whole from the juxtapositions of parts. I construct mosaics, mixed-media work, and… More


Bernard Williams

My work originates from a museum aesthetic. I attempt to appropriate some of the formal practice of museums. These institutions around the world hold and collect vast… More


Mirtes Zwierzynski

My work derives from a concern with the public space. I believe that art, in all its forms, belongs to the public space and should not only… More