Marcus Akinlana


For Akinlana, his art serves a bigger purpose than being simply aesthetically pleasing. His attention to detail, commitment to accurately portraying the unique cultural history of an area, and creative emphasis on multicultural collaboration make up the foundation of each beautiful project. Each project contains a valuable opportunity for the viewer to be educated. When you look at an Akinlana work, you will not only be inspired by the amazing achievements of humankind, but you will also walk away with two powerful take-aways: pride and knowledge.


Marcus, interview, with Jeff Huebner, 1995:

“I’m trying to use art to make a contribution to society. Murals are the most powerful thing I can do to make an impact, to positively contribute to people’s lives. Murals are a way to reach people and to counteract the negative ‘Babylon’ forces ‘[billboards with half-naked women, television commercials, Hollywood films, and pop music’]…A mural overwhelms a billboard…It is my duty as an artist to work as a catalyst for the liberation of my people. I am trying to add to the already rich African-American visual art aesthetic…Artists must fill the ideological and spiritual needs of our people—with the ancient healing magic of the ancestral past.”